Chameleon Speakers

Chameleon Speaker on a stand

8" POWERED SPEAKER $1,350    10" POWERED SPEAKER  $1,450.00

As a builder of quality, high end, hand crafted guitars I spend the majority of my building time devoted to achieveing a superior acoustic tone for all of my instruments therefore it is equally important to me to have the amplified sound equal that of the acoustic tone. I make guitar models all across the musical spectrum including acoustics, electrics, classicals and archtops, all come with pickups and each style needs to be amplified differently in order to bring out the best in the individual instrument. What resulted was a room full of equipment and a bunch of headaches. In order to simplify things for myself and accomodate the requests of my players I went on a quest to discover the perfect setup that would work for all the different models I sell instead of different rigs for different guitars. One speaker to do it all, shouldn't be that hard right? Chameleon Wrong, what setups sounded good for the mag pickups didnt sound so good for the acoustic pickups and there was too much compromising involved to settle on just one choice. What's the old saying, If you want something done right you do it yourself? Well that is exactly what I did. I spent at least 3 years researching, learning, designing, and gathering all the information I could get on musical instrument speakers and finally with much experimentation and instruction from some of the smartest and most talented people in the business The Chameleon Powered Speaker was born. Its lightweight, rugged, extremely versatile and will be the last musical instrument speaker you will ever need. Although I originally designed it for guitar, It also works great for keyboards, Violins, Bass (both upright and electric), vocals etc... It can be used as a small P.A. when paired with a mixer.     

Chameleon Powered 8
26 lbs
Physical Dimensions:12" Wide, 11.25" Deep, 15.5" Tall
Powered by a Bi-Amp Stereo Poweramp
Woofer 200 Watts
Neo Compression driver 40 Watts
Chameleon Powered 10
32 Lbs
Physical Dimensions: 13.25" Wide, 12.5" Deep, 17.5" Tall
Powered by Bi-Amp Stereo Poweramp
Woofer 350 Watts
Neo compression driver 40 Watts
Both Speakers have:
Recessed Heavy Duty Aluminum Handle
State of the art Powersoft Stereo DSP Speaker amp housed in its own dedicated vented enclosure to ensure quiet, long lasting, solid performance
Speaker Pole Mount on bottom
Taller Rubber Feet on Front so when on floor the speaker sits angled back slightly
15mm Baltic Birch Solid Core Plywood for superior sound quality
Rugged Urethane Coating
Heavy Duty Perforated powder coated grill
Bi-Amped with dedicated, tuned electronic crossover
Locking Power Cord
Custom Padded Cover
Thermal Protections (power limiting - thermal shutdown), 
Short-Circuit/Overload/high frequency output protections
Clip limiter, permanent signal limiter






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