Autumn Leaves 35th Anniversary Guitar

Autumn Leaves 35th Anniversary Guitar

The Autumn Leaves 35th Anniversary Guitar commemorates 35 years of Luthiery by Master Luthier John Buscarino. The only one of its kind, it is a fitting contribution to our Anniversary Collection.  This guitar was a labor of love and a way to show the world all John has accomplished in his 35 years of guitar building.  The Vision started with an idea to do an ornate carving on the back of the gutiar, but a carving of what? Well a tree of course... trees provide shade and beauty and most of all for the Luthier, wood. It was the perfect inspiration for a project such as this. After finding just the right image of the tree we had to figure out how to accurately translate a carving of such magnitude to the arched back of an Archtop Guitar. We went with a relief carving  to accomplish stealth without losing the definition or the details of the tree. Next were the woods; after much consideration a georgous Master Grade Quilted Maple was chosen for the depth of field and the flowing backdrop it provided to the carving of the tree. The inlay choices were sort of a work in progress. First we commissioned renowned Inlay artist Larry Robinson to do the headstock inlay of an extremely ornate tree with the Buscarino Logo Stealthily added to look like its woven between the branches of the tree. Now that we had this amazing headstock Inlay the rest of the guitar was looking a little plain so we decided on leaves for the fingerboard to keep with the tree theme. We decided to throw convention to the wind and instead of just putting leaves marking out certain frets we went with a more abstract concept and had the leaves look as if they were actually falling from the tree itself, no rhyme or reason just leaves falling where they may as they drop from the tree. With these decisions made we were well on our way to a worthy addition to our Anniversary Collection. The guitar went together beautifully and as we were putting the final touches on the instrument something just looked incomplete. It was then that we figured out that we should follow the theme of the falling leaves to include the Tailpiece and Pickguard. Aahhh, now that was much better. Eventhough there were copious amounts of time spent on the design and concept of this guitar, excecution was never sacrificed for the sake of looks. This guitar was built with the same exacting standards as all Buscarino Guitars and is not only beautiful but sounds just as amazing.  Truly a work of art, the Autumn Leaves Guitar is a fitting legacy for a Luthier who has dedicated most of his life to his passion for building guitars. 

Song to a Maple Tree

A maple tree grew in the Oregon hills

In soil ten thousand years old

The heart of the tree was stirred by the sounds

Of the life that she held in her folds


Over the years the maple grew straight to the sun

The wind sang sweet songs in her arms

And the soul of the tree joined heaven and earth

As she danced where the sky was warm


One day the tree lost her hold on the earth

Sister wind helped her lie down

Into the loving arms of her mother she fell

As she lay down on the ground


She was found by a man with her song in his soul

Her music filled his hands

He took her home and shaped this guitar

And he held her as they danced


In his hands she could sing the sweet song of her years

In his heart her love was found

The sweet maple sang once again on the earth

And her soul gave up the sound

Gray Smith


Autumn Leaves 35th Anniversary Guitar Specifications

Base Price $50,000.00
Body Width 17"
Body Depth  3 3/8"
Neck 1 23/32" Neck Width, 5 Piece Neck made of Flame Maple/CurlyKoa/Bird's Eye Maple/Curly Koa/Flame Maple
Back & Side Wood Master Grade aged seasoned highly-figured Big Leaf Quilted Maple, with Relief Carving of Tree on Back
Top Wood Master Grade aged and seasoned Carpathian Spruce
Cutaway Single Venetian
Finish High-gloss Nitro-Cellulose lacquer finish in Vintage Natural applied as thinly as possible for maximum sound quality
Binding / F-Hole Highly Figured Curly Koa
Inlay Ornate Autumn Tree on Headstock, Falling Leaves on Fingerboard, Tailpiece and Pickguard
Fingerboard Solid Ebony, 25" fingerboard scale, 22 frets
Pickguard Solid Ebony with Curly Koa Binding
Headstock Ebony Veneer for Face of Headstock and Myrtly Burl Veneer for Rear of Headstock
Tuners Gotoh Delta Series 21:1 ratio with Snakewood buttons 
Truss-Rod Two-way adjustable truss-rod
Pickups Buscarino Signature Floating Humbucker
knobs Volume and tone controls concealed underneath pickguard
Case Hoffee Carbon Fiber Case

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