Gene Bertoncini

Custom Grand Cabaret with Implant Pickup. Hear Gene’s Cabaret on his CD “Body and Soul” by Ambient Records.

My One And Only Love - Cabaret
Corey Christiansen

2 of the Models that bear his name (part of the Prodigy collection) one with the locktop design and one without both with 2 built-in humbuckers and a Starlight Nylon. Former Guitar editor of Mel Bay Publishing, Corey is known for his live performances and his clinics. check out his guitars on his cd's "Roll with it" and "Out Law Tractor"

Beatrice - Gigmaster
Ken Hatfield

Cabaret with RMC Pickup and built-in E.Q. He plays this guitar on his CD's "Dyad", "Explorations for Solo Guitar" and Music for Guitar and Bass". Ken also has a Cabaret Double Top with RMC Pickup which you can hear on his CD Etudes for Solo guitar in 24 Keys" which is the companion CD to his book of the same name

Craig Wagner

7-String Virtuoso, 7-String Rhapsody and 7-String Mira Solid Body. Guitarist, composer, recording artist and Teacher at University of Louisville. Check out Craig's guitars and awesome playing and arranging on his solo CD "Color of a Mirror"

Joe Braccio

Joe Braccio is one of our first and longest endorsers and has been playing our guitars for over 25 years. Joe Plays all of our Classical Models including the Cabaret, the Concerto, the Starlight and the Starlight Requinto. Joe is an educator at St. Pete College an Eckerd College and is a professional musician and private teacher in the St. Pete area of Florida. He has over 40 years experience in various styles of music and was initially trained in Italy for Classical Guitar. Joe is a well repected musican and teacher and we are grateful to have him as an endorser.

Steve Morse

Cabaret and Starlight Nylon in his Signature Blue Color. Steve contacted me over 25 years ago when he was in need of a Nylon String guitar and it was quite an honor for me to build guitars for such a talented and brilliant guitar player.

Ron Affif

17” Monarch with European top and floating Humbucker. Hear Ron’s Monarch on his CD’s “Ringside” and “Solotude.”

Mike Miller

17" Virtuoso, 2 Starlights (a nylon and a steel), and Mira Solid Body. Mike has worked with all the greats including Chick Corea, Natalie Cole and Bette Midler to name a few. To hear Mike's virtuoso listen to his CD "World Goes Round"

Mike Christiansen

Cabaret with Implant pickup. Mike is a professor and Director of Guitar Studies at Utah State University. You can hear his Cabaret on his solo cd "Walkin My Baby Back Home" or on his Lightwood Duo CD "No More Blues" with Clarinetist Eric Nelson.

Bob Shimizu

16" Virtuoso, 16" Prodigy, 16" 22 Fret Nylon (a one-off named "Mariel") and A Rhapsody. Bob depends on his Buscarino's as a critical component of his music. Bob composes, performs and records all-original jazz compilations. Check out Bob's guitars on his newest release "First and Monroe"

Ted Shumate

16" Artisan and Concerto Double Top Carved Back Classical. Guitarist, Composer and Recording Artist. Hear Ted's Cabaret on his latest CD "Mediterranean Midnight"

Gideon King

2 Prodigies and a Rhapsody carved back flat top. New York City Guitarist/Composer/Producer. Check out Gideon's guitars on his comprar viagra acclaimed CD City Blog. "My Rhapsody is incredibly warm and precise and I consider this guitar a friend; John also built me 2 prodigy axes, one is more jazz oriented and the other allows for more distortion and gain. These are incredible guitars the amazing tone of which revierwes have noted."

Bob Gallo

Monarch and Custom 16" Artisan with thin sides and Built-in Pickup. As a Guitarist and Composer he has done music for the bill cosby Show and the animated series Little bill. Hear Bob's Artisan on his CD "NY Alliance"

Nate Najar

Cabaret, Gigmaster, Mira Solid Body and Starlight Nylon. Florida based Jazz Guitarist. Listen to Nate's guitars on his CD's "Until Now and "Live at the Side Door"

Bruce Saunders

Corey Christiansen Model (part of the Prodigy Line) Bruce is an Award Winning Guitarist, Composer, Author and Educator.

David Von Shoyck

17" Artisan. Guitar Teacher and Recording Artist Based in Chandler, AZ. Hear his guitar on his CD "D Flat Samba"

Jeff Sherman

17" Artisan. Jeff is an instructor of Jazz Guitar at Bellarmine University in Louisville Kentucky and founder and host of the Annual Bellarmine Jazz Clinic. Hear Jeff's Artisan on his CD "Some Other Time: on the songs Impromptu#1, Always and Forever, and Heat Wave.

Peter Einhorn

Blond Gigmaster with floating pickup and Piezo under the bridge. Peter's Cd's include "Live at the Bistro", "For Evans Sake", and Bouganvillea"

Steve Howell

Rhapsody with Implant Pickup and Grand Cabaret with Implant Pickup. Hear Steve's Guitars on his CD "Since I Saw You Last"

George Benson

17” Virtuoso with Lindy Fralin single-coil pickup.

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