Limited Edition Starlight Archtop Hollow 30″ Scale Bass

Looking for the sound of an Upright Bass in an Electric Bass Format?  We got you covered. Introducing the Starlight Archtop Hollow 30″ Scale Electric Bass. The Body starts as a Solid block of Mahogany and is completely Hollowed out which helps give it more of an acoustic sound with the added benefit of keeping the weight down. The  Maple top is arched and carved in the same manner as our Archtop Guitars complete with F-Holes. After much consideration I decided to go with the Short 30″ scale for compactness and ease of playing plus it just seemed to fit this style of Bass the best. In keeping with the more acoustic theme of the instrument I went with a Solid Ebony Tailpiece and Floating Ebony Bridge. In much of my design work whether its guitars or speakers I always value Versitlity and this bass is no different. I decided 2 Pickups would give the most range for a plethera of sounds for any style of playing. Custom Designed by Kent Armstrong the Front Pickup is an Alnico 5 Dual Field Humbucker which gives that classic single coil tone with great definition in both the bass and the treble and full hum cancelling. The Rear Pickup, also by Kent Armstrong is a Ceramic Humbucker for a powerful midrange punch with the added bonus of the Push/Push switch on the Master Tone Control which changes the rear pickup from the parallel single coil tone to a series humbucker with a classic, fat midrange. Great Sound, Easy to Play and Beautiful to Behold the Starlight Bass is a welcome addition the Buscarino Family of Instruments. Want to hear it? Click on the Video/Audio Tab